He Was Amazed At Our Unbelief

And He was amazed at their unbelief. -Mark 6:6

Whenever I read this in the various Gospels it always strikes me in a funny way that this is what our Lord thought about us.  Can you imagine being fully God and fully human, knowing everything we worry about, but also knowing there is nothing to worry about?  And our worry wasn’t the only thing that He was amazed at, but even our lack of faith in things we could see.

By the time we read this verse in Mark, Jesus had already performed many miracles.  He has gathered such a crowd that a man had been lowed through the roof to be healed.  Jesus had drove out demons.  But perhaps one of His biggest miracles, He had fed 5,000 men who has gathered to hear Him speak with five loaves of bread and two fish with plenty left over.  Yet, there were people who didn’t believe including His own disciples.

In the sixth chapter of Mark, Jesus was in His tome town of Nazareth.  We know Jesus couldn’t perform many miracles there because of their unbelief.  These people had watched Jesus grow up, so perhaps it was harder for them to accept that Jesus was who He said He was.  They would still have heard the stories of the miracles Jesus had already performed, but they chose not to believe.

This still applies for us today.  We often limit what God can accomplish in our lives by not having faith.  When we ask our Father for things we must have faith He can and will give them to us  This doesn’t mean we will automatically get it because there are other factors, but if we don’t ask in faith, believing God can and will provide for us, then we can’t receive what He wants to give us.

Jesus also told us to have faith that God would provide for us.  He told us that we could forgo the anxiety and put our trust in God.  I struggle with anxiety and it always helps me to get through things by focusing on Jesus and allowing Him to bring me through each situation.  Whenever I start to panic, I remember God has always brought me through each situation, and even in the bad ones I can chose to grow more as a Christian coming through it alright.  But we can only grow as Christians if we have faith!

What do you need to trust God with to grow your faith?

One thought on “He Was Amazed At Our Unbelief

  1. Today not much is changed. In our present day there are still many who do not want to accept that Jesus is the sent one from God. Either they take him as their god or they even believe that historical figure did not exist.

    Even after all those writings by men of God lots of people, even those who call themselves Christian, do not want to believe in the God of Jesus Christ, Who is an eternal Unseen omniscient and omnipotent Spirit Supreme Being, Who is One and not two or three.


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