Don’t Be Jealous Of Sinners

Don’t be jealous of sinners; instead always fear the Lord.  For then you will have a future and your hope will never fade. -Proverbs 24:17-18

Sometimes this is a really hard pill to swallow.  It seems like those who aren’t following Christ, and even those who are actively sinning, seem so much better off than we are.  There are times the temptation to sin is hard to fight as well.  We may really want to do something we know we shouldn’t.  We see others profiting or enjoying themselves by sinning, but we seem behind by doing what we should.  During these times, we often forget that Jesus never promised us treasure here on earth.  In fact, He promised our lives may be harder here on earth because we were following Him.

These verses tell us instead to fear the Lord.  We usually think that means to respect the Lord, but perhaps fear is the better word here.  Remember when we were young and misbehaved?  We knew our parents would be upset and punish us.  I know when I sin I often feel God’s disappointment with me.  I fear losing my relationship with Him.  I know I’ve damaged the relationship I have with Him and have been disrespectful to Christ by dishonoring His sacrifice for me.

We all constantly sin and God sees all sin the same, yet sometimes I feel like I’ve made a huge sin.  Sometimes we all struggle with a sin we can’t quite overcome.  We need to remember our treasure is in heaven and work hard to overcome this.  If we look toward God for our strength and our reward we can have hope.  Nothing can ever take that hope we have in Christ away.  Whenever we feel like a sinner or non-believer has it better than you, remember that you have something far more valuable than any enjoyment or wealth that they obtain; you have a future in heaven and a relationship with Christ.

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