Not Worthy For God

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite Old Testament kings, Hezekiah.  I can’t adequately say his name but I admire his character.  We find Hezekiah in II Kings being insulted by his enemy who says in II Kings 18:30 “Don’t let Hezekiah pursuade you to trust in the Lord by saying certainly the Lord will deliver us!  This city will not be handed over to the king of Assyria.

Hezekiah was the king of Juda when Assyria was at war with them and Assyria had made it to Jerusalem.  The King of Assyria decided that he needed to attack King Hezekiah’s faith because they knew that was his strength and if they could weaken it they might stand a chance at winning the battle.  He wanted the rest of Juda to question God’s strength and power.  Rather than engage in this battle with the king of Assyria, Hezekiah prays and consults with Isaiah, a prophet of the Lord.

Has anyone tried to weaken you by attacking your faith or trying to bribe you from following a conviction God has given you?  I have.  One of the most profound ways I have had this happen to me is to have the person attack the places I feel most insecure.  The enemy reminds us of our sins, our failures, our inability, and says we aren’t good enough for God or that God could never forgive us of our sins.

If you have grown in your faith though, you will know that we aren’t good enough for God but He loves us anyway.  We fail Him every day, but the only sin He has told us He would not forgive is blasphamy of the Spirit.  We fail Him all the time, but He never leaves us and He pulls us back up and continues the walk with us.  You see, the enemy already knows the way to defeat you and that is to keep you down.  And of course the best way to do that is to make you think you can never get back up.

Hezekiah does the best thing possible in this situation.  He remained faithful and prayed, seeking after God and His counsel.  He humbled himself before God knowing that he was not worthy but that God had chosen him anyway.  And one thing he did that I need to remember is that he kept silent.  He did not engage with the enemy.  The enemy was not interested in the truth, only destruction.  Hezekiah knew it would be a senseless and useless battle.  Anyone standing by could witness Hezekiah’s faith by his actions; they didn’t need his words.

In case you are wondering how this battle ended, God sent the angel of death who killed 185,000 of the enemy troops before the war which sent Assyria fleeing.  If you are working on a goal the Spirit has led you to take a moment this week to gather counsel from your pastor or church members.  Make sure what you are doing is in alignment with the Biblical standard.  Make sure you are praying and make sure you enlist prayer partners.  The devil pays no attention to you when you are not furthing God’s kingdom.  He attacks when you do something.  When your faith is attacked by another you can be assured that is a plan of the devil.  When something fails or you feel spiritually weak, seek God and return to Him instead of hearing the enemy voice.  You can do anything through God and any place you are weak, He is strong.  You can always get back up.

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