When Christians Judge…

I recently made a post about George Michael on my page.  It listed a bunch of really great humanitarian things he did in his life time.  It also pointed out that he is gay and that a lot of Christians are weighing in on it saying he is going to hell.  Homosexuality is a sin; no question about that.  What I said was we didn’t know if he was a Christian and that we shouldn’t judge him for his sins.  I was pointed to multiple Bible passages showing me how he was going to hell for being gay.  What a great way to have gotten the man to a church if he wasn’t a Christian, right?

Jesus didn’t throw ANYONE’s sin in anyone’s face.  He loved.  Every two weeks I get the experience (well at least most times I’ve missed quite a lot recently due to health problems) of going to a strip club and getting to know the ladies there.  There’s no question that what they are doing is sinful.  We don’t sit there and admonish them for doing something sinful.  Last time I checked, I had a problem with sin as well.  Last time I checked God does a really good job convincting me of my sins.  Did you know that 89% of strippers grew up in a CHRISTIAN home?  Did you know a good percentage of strippers pray and even go to church?  The church is miserably failing them and I’ll be happy to explain why.

The person in question told me I said the Bible is ridiculous.  What I said was she, not the Bible, was ridiculous.  Jesus told us we should privately go to our brother who is sinning and tell him.  You don’t get to just walk up to any random John Doe and tell him how his life is wrong.  You go to your brother in Christ and privately explain to them a problem you see in their life.  And, in my personal opinion, you need to actually know this person before you go out of your way to chastize them.  When is the last time someone came up to you and explained what you are doing is wrong that you didn’t know who they were?  They hadn’t earned the right to speak into your ife and advise you had they?  It probably went right in one ear and out the next, and let’s face it, you were probably angry and more determined to keep doing it.  But if your friend comes to you and talks to you, I imagine you listen right?  They have earned the right to speak into your life.  Jesus went on to say that if your brother didn’t listen you should go with a group and finally go to the elders of the church.  But if someone isn’t in Christ they aren’t your brother.  Can anyone show me a passage of the Bible of Jesus going up to a stranger and telling them about their sin without them inviting Him to?  I’m hard pressed to think of a story of that from the Bible.

Now some preachers preach hellfire and brimstone and that’s ok to a degree because it is the Biblical truth and we need to hear it.  I also don’t think it’s the best way to get someone into church and share the gospel with them.  Jesus told parables and he shared love with those around Him so they would be open to listening to what He had to say.  We need to build a relationship with non-Christians and truly cherish them as a person (much the way Jesus does) so they come to know Christ’s love through us.  Then perhaps you can lead them to Christ.  And once they know Christ I believe the Holy Spirit does much of the convicting that Christians tend to judge others over.  Once they are committed to Christ then you can have that talk with them if you need to.  I hope you don’t talk to them the way this other Christian spoke to me which was to laugh at me and insult me.  I hope you have a truly caring and Christlike interaction where you have earned the right to speak into their life because you care about them.  You can’t expect non-Christians to follow Christian values and ways, especially when the Christians yelling at them do not carry Christian values and ways.

When I was suicidal it was Christ’s love expressed to me at Winter Jam that saved me from suicide.  When I was living in sin deeply and not attending church, it was Christ’s love shared through one of my good friends now that led me back.  Practice being like Christ instead of judging and you may be blessed enough to get to lead someone to Christ.

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